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Could One of Your Facebook Friends Be the Next Qanon Shaman?

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: bedeck, propagate, esoteric, repudiate, regalia, disown, insurrection, inversion, ostensible, unsophisticated.

Biden's relief bill isn't getting bipartisan support like previous stimulus bills. What do Republica...

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: partisan, deride, bureaucrat, filibuster, caucus.

George Floyd's brutal death sparked a racial justice reckoning. One officer involved goes on trial t...

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: reinstate, perpetrate, evince, mourn, stranger, indictment.

A Necessary Intervention

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: lawmaker, homogeneous, illiberal, supersede, apprise, feckless, omission, orthodoxy, induct, rife, conformity, contributor.

Starlets of Dystopian Sport

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: supplant, hegemony, cohere, perceive, conjecture, allude, render, foment, sabotage, disobedient, pandemonium, subsume, invert.

Happy 90th Birthday, Mr. Gorbachev

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: impel, belie, characteristic, inborn, reproach, bequeath.