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Troubled US teens left traumatised by tough love camps

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: stranger, testimonial, exaggerate, incarcerate, seclusion, kidnap, defiance, lawmaker, accredit, embolden.

AP FACT CHECK: Putin's twisted tale on rival; Biden GOP jab

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: insurrection, pernicious, malfeasance, indictment.

Hardline judge wins landslide victory in Iran election

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: propel, dwarf, theocracy, mercenary, hereditary, reign.

What we know about the "unprecedented" Capitol riot arrests

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: conspire, horde, sergeant, affiliate, plead, indictment.

Column: Small-time leader with a big mouth shows the problem with today's politics

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: timorous, strident, intransigence, clamorous.

State bar charge filed against Laramie County DA for "incompetence"

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: anomalous, pandemic, aggravate, perpetrate, warrant, statute, committed, languish, condescension.